Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Recommended Social Bookmarks For Beginners

In real, there are many ways to introduce our website to many internet users in the world. One of way is by using social bookmark. Well, do you know what is Social Bookmark?. 

Social bookmark is the information provider site that allows all site owners to submit their articles into it so that can be seen many visitors (users). Social bookmark actually is the main component for us to introduce our sites to public. 

Beside that, having social bookmark is really necessary to get BL (back link). Back link that we got from social bookmark will make our site (blog) becomes more strong and of course it will increase our site visitors. The best impacts that being produced is that our sites will able to compete in Google Search Engine, even it can be big opportunity for your site to stay in the top of search engine. Now, we’ll give you some recommended social bookmarks for beginners.

Digg is one of popular social bookmark that should be tried for you. It allows the users to submit link in it and certainly it will increase the visitors of sites. This process is so simple, you as user just need to submit link that contains best article at your site and then wait for moments till this link got some comments from other users. Digg actually provide a vote facility, it is used to collect all comments for the link. After you see many comments for your link, commonly your link will be situated in the first page of Digg and now, you just wait to see your traffic increases.

Slashdot is the second social bookmark that has been used by more than millions users. This is well known social bookmark that support technology system, science and prioritize fiction things. If your website is suitable with those topics, it means that Slashdot is the recommended social bookmark for you. You (website owners) will get opportunity to submit your best article to it and your submission will be evaluated whole by admin before it is shared others users (publics). is the last recommended bookmark for you. There is one of difference significantly among with others. The comparison is situated in its methods. uses ‘tag’ method. It allows you to make ‘tag’ to spread article that you choose. The others user seek the favorites article by using this tags. After you know some recommended social bookmarks for beginners, we hope you can choose the suitable thing for your site.

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