Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Promote Your Articles to Social Sites

The article is so god that once you put it out there you are going to get mad traffic. My fellow online entrepreneurs we all would love to have insane amount of traffic coming to our blogs or websites just by dropping a post or article on your blog or website.

I have read many articles and posts from a lot of places that talk about getting traffic to my blog. Promoting Your Articles:
Articles by themselves cannot get you traffic. You will need to add your articles to article directories like the one this article is in now. Putting your articles in sites like this one can get your articles seen and as well as give you a decent page rank. Also another thing when writing your articles always try to have some keywords in it so that Google can read what your article is about.
What is Social Networking?
I'm going to write this as laymen as possible Social Networking is a great way to get your article seen and read you do this by adding your articles or post to social media sites like face book, MySpace etc.
Once the users of these sites come across your articles or post and they read it and like what they read they will click on "Like" if you are on face book or click on the link and go read your article at your site bringing traffic to your blog or website.
Benefits of Social Networking:
The benefit of using social networking is if your article is good you will begin to get referral traffic from those social sites. At times referral traffic may come within an hour like it happened to me. I was bombarded with referral traffic so it does work this helps get your sites to be ranked by Google or any other popular search engines
Top Social Sites:
The top social sites are where you need to add your articles to. As you can see this is just one way for you to promote your articles and get some referral traffic. From here you could learn another way of getting traffic. 

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