Monday, January 14, 2013

Twitter Followers

Twitter is the new edge in today's world of social marketing media. The service enables the companies to share information with thousands of people at the same time. Socialkik makes it easier to connect with Twitter fans worldwide and cater to either a niche group of customers or target the mass audience in general. The social network allows for updates on business offerings and updates about product features and new gigs introduced.

Products gain more popularity if marketed the right way through social networking channels and not the conventional ones. Twitter ensures a faster way of sharing any new announcements about the products. The social network helps give feedback as well since all companies have to do is follow the conversations about the company's products and get the answers directly without having to launch an extensive and elaborate expensive poll. However if there is anything needed via surveys etc then customers can be asked directly via the twitter network or by distributing the questionnaires etc through the company's account. Special coupons and deals as well as promotional offerings can be offered via the social network. This will help build an online reputation for the band and support an online reputation.
The social network also allows the companies and services to share the blogs with customers by simply providing a link via the twitter network from which customers can log into the blog directly and have access to the company's more extensive portfolio of its services and products.
The social networking giant has around 200 million users and almost the same number of micro blogs which are an effective channel for promoting the products and services offered. Products, services, experiences and celebrities - the versatile network allows for an unlimited number of ways to connect and share information with the world. This process is easily enabled using Socialkik which allows for the companies to reach out to their customers in a faster, more reliable and effective way.

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